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CLUTCH Magazine Vol. 57 released today!

CLUTCH Magazine Snap Made in Japan

The latest CLUTCH Magazine Vol. 57 has been released today.

This month’s issue starts with a collection of snapshots from New York, Las Vegas, Berlin, and London. Our favorite late summer outfits are introduced in this section.


The following feature story is titled, “MY FAVORITE JAPAN PRODUCTS”. Throughout the years we at CLUTCH Magazine have continued to showcase the appeal of Japanese products to fans in Japan and throughout the world through interviews with countless designers and at their respective production factories. So what are the reactions to these Japanese products of fashion lovers from around the world? In order to answer this question, we spoke with designers, craftsmen, and select shop staff members from overseas to see what their favorite Japanese products are. Our aim is to create a vision for Japanese manufacturing in the future through their opinions.


Max Poglia, who graced the cover, appears in this month’s issue wearing his favorite BUCO J-24.
Continuing from last month, we will be introducing the latest items released by Japanese brands and our recommendations for the upcoming season. 

From a cultural perspective, we will be introducing a classic Porsche race event that was recently held, as well as an in-depth look at LUDLOW BLUNT, a barbershop that opened in the Daikanyama area of Tokyo.

To conclude this month’s issue, we have created a collection of classic items from our recommended brands and a catalog of the latest released items in a feature titled, “CLUTCH COLLECTION”.We put the spotlight on items that we highly recommend for the fall season, including cut and sewn shirts, shirts, light outerwear, boots, and accessories.

This month’s issue is filled with snapshots, popular vintage items, event interviews, and catalogs of upcoming releases. Purchase the issue at bookstore throughout Japan or online!

New Issue CLUTCH Magazine Made in Japan

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