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Artist Dai Hirai’s world view encapsulated into a single book.

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Dai Hirai has been attracting the attention of those throughout the music industry for being a leading figure in the surf rock and country music scenes. His personal stylebook is now available as part of the CLUTCH BOOKS series.

The first encounter between Dai Hirai and CLUTCH Magazine took place during the fall of 2016. With many fans from the younger generation, Hirai was someone who symbolized our “love for culture and manufacturing that is passed down through generations without being swayed by trends”. We discussed a possible collaboration between us, and in March of this year we made that come true with a live performance at the CC SHOW. And this summer, we have unveiled Dai Hirai’s official stylebook.

The content of the book includes not only photographs, but also scenes from his trip throughout Los Angeles, which is the feature story of this month’s CLUTCH Magazine issue.

Many of the encounters and experiences that he had throughout his life have been incorporated into his lyrics of his new album “ON THE ROAD”, and as you can see from the content of the book, he also took a trip throughout Los Angeles, which we titled, “the source of his imagination”.
The book is filled with photographs of the many items and places that inspired Hirai during his journey based on his encounters with fellow creators such as leather jacket designer Robert Warner, hat maker Nick Fouquet, and Zip Stevenson of HTC, who possess a deep level of respect for products from generations ago, and who often grace the pages of CLUTCH Magazine.

Photo by Tadashi Tawarayama(Seven Bros.)

In addition to his music, Hirai’s sense of fashion, which often includes hats, Native American Naja jewelry, and indigo items, is also showcased throughout the book. Everything from his favorite fashion items to lifestyle goods that he uses on a daily basis has been included inside the book. Most of the outfits worn by Hirai inside the book were his own personal styles and were not prepare by a professional stylist.
Fans of Hirai, as well as fans of our magazine and fashion will surely enjoy reading the contents of the book.

In addition to a comment written directly by Hirai for his latest album, he also discloses many of his personal stories and passions for music and the stage from various different angles. In the one-on-one interview, where he discussed his personal history and the sequence of events that led him to where he is today, you will truly be able to feel his strong passion and desire to establish himself as a unique artist.

The book is filled with elements of the “people, things, and places” that make up Dai Hirai’s style as an artist. 
The book is currently on sale in bookstores nationwide and can also be purchased online.
Also, Dai Hirai is currently on a nationwide tour to promote his new album, “ON THE ROAD”. He is also scheduled to be featured in a summer festival.
His music and voice will draw in fans of music of all ages, and for anyone who has yet to listen to his music, we recommend checking out his latest concert information through his official website.

HIRAIDAI OFFICIAL SITE http://hiraidai.com


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