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New STUDIO D’ARTISAN store opened in Ebisu, Tokyo.

Store Denim Made in Japan

STUDIO D’ARTISAN has long been a pioneer of Japanese denim, with a history dating back to 1979. Since then, the brand has continued to research Japanese denim and improved its quality of fabrics, stitching, and processing. Their latest venture is the opening of their new store in the trendy Ebisu neighborhood in Tokyo. The brand’s items have all been displayed inside the small store, with everything from their standard 5-pocket denim to their tops and accessories all available to purchase. “We had an image of creating a clean and simple store to match the overall ambience of Ebisu,” explains Mr. Fujikawa, the brand’s founder. With white tiles lining the walls and minimalistic furniture and fixtures creating a perfect balance with the indigo blue colors of the products, the store offers a completely different atmosphere than their Harajuku store where visitors can relax and enjoy checking out the range of denim.

Items from STUDIO D’ARTISAN produced in Okayama, considered the denim mecca of Japan. In addition to the vintage-feel and craftsmanship, the denim models all feature unique designs and a playful spirit. The store offers a relaxing atmosphere, enabling visitors to take their time when selecting their favorite denim.

Fans will be happy to hear that the full product lineup of STUDIO D’ARTISAN can be found inside the store. The neon D’ARTISAN sign outside the store serves as a trademark, and the rest of the exterior features a simple design.

One of the most popular models is the D1756, made with fabric that was rope dyed with natural indigo repeatedly over 10 times. It has a basic straight silhouette. ¥25,704_

Yoshifusa Building 1F, 1-16-3 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
11:00 AM- 8:00 PM (Not including public holidays and New Year's holiday)
Photo & Text by CLUTCH Magazine


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