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Denim Premiere Vision will be held in Paris, France

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Denim Premiere Vision, the leading denim supply show, will be held in Paris on April 26-27.

Denim Premiere Vision is a supply show themed around opening up new possibilities for denim geared towards buyers and designers alike. Many fabric, button, and parts manufacturers working in the denim industry will set up their booths and gather together from throughout the world in the fashion capital of Paris.

In our “Japan Denim” issue published through the CLUTCH BOOKS series, we have gathered together various Japanese denim brands and covered their passion towards researching classic denim up to every detail, as well as the reasons why Japanese denim brands are so coveted throughout the world. We are also planning on setting up our own booth at the event, where we will display worn-in jacket samples from some of Japan’s leading denim brands.

In addition, a vintage market hosted by Milan-based Denim Boulevard will be held inside the venue, where visitors can actually purchase vintage denim items.

During the event, some of the world’s leading denim masters will hold classes in order to encourage today’s younger generation to learn about the latest technologies and create new styles of denim.

Like the previous event, this year’s Denim Premiere Vision will be held at the Paris Event Center.

Denim Premiere Vision 
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26th,27th April 


Photo by Takashi Okabe 
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