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A place where you can find the belt that you’ve always wanted.

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Vintage Works, which has a history in belt making that spans over 20 years, produces all belt-related items, including original materials, buckles, and even parts, and recently opened up their first store. Inside the store you’ll find the full lineup of the brand’s products, with a wide range of colors, sizes, and models available. Belts are an important part of any everyday outfit, and coordinating different colored and designed belts can instantly transform your style. A shop has finally opened where you can discover the belt that you’ve always been looking for.


The belts on display inside the story come in a wide range of colors and sizes. You can find a variety of styles for any model that you want, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.


The store is decorated with interior made of material such as barn wood and iron to give it an industrial look. The brand’s leather belts are seamlessly displayed with various fixtures and create a cool atmosphere. The photo on the bottom left shows the original wallet made of Chromexcel leather and is currently one of the most popular items in the store. ¥14,580_


Right photo/Ever since the brand was founded, all of their belts have come packaged inside an original can case. Top left photo/Known for producing durable belts that age beautifully the more they are used, the difference in the new models and used models can be clearly seen.
Bottom left photo/The serial number stamped on all items is another feature of the brand’s original style.



Right photo/The DH5675MK-II (¥15,120_) features black nickel plating on the original brass parts to give it an all-black design. Left photo/Making the silver plate that is attached on the brass buckle thicker than usual makes the DH5717 model (¥14,040_) even more durable, and will age like a vintage item the more it is used. This item is available in flannel (black) and bronze (dark brown).


1-29-8-2F Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Call for store hours and closing dates


Photo&Text by CLUTCH Magazine

Vintageworks made in Japan Leather belt Store

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