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Photographer Maiko’s guide to Los Angeles #16 (Munchies edition)

Food LA guide

Female photographer Maiko, who is based out of Los Angeles, introduced us to some of her favorite shops and areas in the city. Ranging from fashion to food, we will continue to update our readers as we follow her along on her tour of Los Angeles.

Today we will be introducing some of her favorite cafes, restaurants, and hotdog shops for when you’re feeling a bit hungry between meals.

Our first stop was Zinc Café.

It seems like we have been featuring so many burger joints in this series.

Zinc Café opened in 2014. It looks like the store is surrounded by thick walls…

But when you take a step inside, you are greeted by a terrace section surrounded by olive trees. If you become tired of the hustle and bustle of Downtown Los Angeles, this is the perfect place to take a breather.

The inside of the store is very bright and spacious and has a very relaxing atmosphere. There are also counter seats towards the back of the store.

The menu created by the owner, who is a vegetarian, consists of healthy dishes such as omelets, sandwiches, pizza, waffles, and French toast… This is also a great spot for having brunch on weekends.

You can also purchase kitchen goods inside the store. Perfect for a little souvenir during your trip to Los Angeles.

7AM-12AM (Mon-Sat)
7AM-10PM (Sun)
580 Mateo St、Los Angeles, CA 90013

Our second stop is Eat. Drink. Americano, and American-style restaurant located in the Art District. Although technically it’s a restaurant, many people stop in for a casual coffee or alcoholic beverage.

Again we ordered a hamburger. This time, we ordered the BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Pulled pork is a Southern style barbecue cuisine, made by smoking pork over low temperatures to make it juicy and tender. Here they use their own original BBQ sauce to flavor their pork.

A salmon baguette. The garlic spread on the bread matched perfectly with the salmon and cream cheese.

Everything on the menu, from the burgers to the baguettes, salads, and flatbread, costs $9.95. The coffee here is Maiko’s favorite item on the menu. We highly recommend stopping by for a meal or even just for a drink.

11:30AM-11PM (Mon-Thu)
11:30AM-1AM (Fri-Sat)
11:30AM-5PM (Sun)
923 E. 3rd street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Finally, our last stop was at Wurstkuche Restaurant, a popular hotdog shop also located in the Art District.

The wide range of hotdog means on display behind the showcase window. Choose your favorite meat from here when you place your order.

There are vegetarian sausages, and even unique sausage made from rabbit and snake meat…

The price of hotdogs ranges from $6.50 to $8.50. According to Maiko, she waited over an hour for her hotdog during her last visit here. The store’s popularity can give you a good idea of how delicious the hotdogs are.

The store is open until 1:30 in the morning, so many visitors stop by for alcoholic drinks. They offer a wide selection of German and Belgian beers, so it’s the perfect place to stop by for a quick bite and drinks after work.

800 E 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 

Photographer Profile
Born in Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from university, she began her career in journalism. After leaving her job, she decided to move to Hawaii to become a professional photographer. Gaining knowledge, experience, and English abilities through her work, she then moved to Los Angeles in 2015. She currently belongs to Seven Bros. Picture, a collaborative group of creative individuals. (http://seven-bros.com)

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