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The WWII War model made with new custom produced denim by FULLCOUNT.

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The WWII War model jeans are released in limited numbers by FULLCOUNT, who change the silhouette, details, and fabrics each season. The modern day 5-pocket denim was originally created when manufacturers were forced to cut down on costs under the purchase control system during World War II. Just like there were various specifications during that era, FULLCOUNT releases their iconic World War II War model jeans with slightly altered specifications to the delight of their fans. The release of the 2016 edition of FULLCOUNT’s World War II War model was recently announced.

The latest model was made using an original 14.5oz Zimbabwe cotton denim. This fabric combines the features of the fading that the 13.7oz denim has with the sharp, starchy feel of the 15.5oz denim. With a classical wide silhouette and subtle details that are faithful to actual war-time denim, this model is completely unlike anything FULLCOUNT has ever released before. The limited edition model is set to be released at the end of July. ¥26,784_


A stamp that certifies that they are the WWII model has been attached onto the leather patch. The front features classical specifications such as iron buttons and crotch rivets. It also features a coin pocket without rivets, a detail that can be seen on authentic vintage war-time models.


The belt loop on the center of the backside features an offset design. Light-ounce assorted selvedge denim has been used for the pocket sleeks.

The paint stitch laid out on the upper part of the back pockets and the rough finishing of the back pocket stitching are both designs that are historically accurate, and the use of a completely new style of denim fabric gives it a perfect blend of vintage and new that is synonymous with FULLCOUNT’s spirit of always trying to make innovative products. The various new details of this special limited edition model make this a must-buy for true denim fans.
Photo by Shunichiro Kai、Text by CLUTCH Magazine


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