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Clutch Magazine vol. 49 will be released on April 23!

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Andrew, the owner of Knickerbocker Mfg. Co., a new up-and-coming brand with their own factory in Brooklyn, New York, graces this month’s special Brooklyn edition Clutch Magazine cover.

 Located across the East River from the sprawling metropolis of Manhattan, Brooklyn’s landscape, which features many brownstone houses and low-rise buildings, largely contrasts the skyscrapers of Manhattan. With many young people and creators residing in Brooklyn, it is definitely more geared towards the working class. The streets are very lively and you can feel a sense of freedom and creativity wherever you go.

We have covered New York as a special feature in our magazine several times before, but they have always included both Manhattan and Brooklyn. This month marks the first time ever that we only feature the borough of Brooklyn.

That’s just how hot Brooklyn is right now. It’s already been covered that Brooklyn is a hip area, but we think that right now, it is at its absolute peak.

Next to RRL, you can find Ludlow Blunt, one of the best classic-style barbershops in the world, along with a popular vintage store, and other trendy cafes and bars…

This month’s issue covers everything from shops and restaurants recommended by local residents, the latest news from some of our favorite shops, cafes with stylish interior designs, and everything else that is happening “now” in Brooklyn. We hope that by reading the magazine, you will be able to get a feel of what the mood of the area is like. 

This month’s issue also features plenty of articles regarding some of the latest products that have been released.
In the “My Favorite Shoes & Boots” article, we asked several prominent members working in the fashion industry to introduce us to 10 of their favorite shoes. Check out all the different styles and discover your next pair of shoes.

In the “My Best Vintage” article, we asked a few people who are familiar with vintage culture to show us their most beloved vintage items. Enjoy looking and reading about the selections of the some of the greatest vintage collectors around.

This month’s issue is also filled with articles about what’s going on around the world.

Purchase your copy at bookstores or online!

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