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Introducing the craftsmanship of British leather brand Hawkmoth Leather Co.


“Hawkmoth Leather Co.” Never heard of them? That would be because they are a new up-and-coming brand that even we only found out about recently.

Tom Sanderson, the owner, grew up loving leather belts and bags, but was frustrated at the lack of quality options in the UK. Today, he produces handmade leather products in the central region of Sussex in England. Inspired by historical designs combined with British culture, they aspire to create authentic, timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.

Mr. Sanderson, who loves the aging process of leather, produces handmade leather belts that feature layers of different colored dyes and are made with authentic British leather. The beeswax used to coat the linen stitching is purchased from local organic beekeepers, which shows the brand’s commitment to using the best materials available.

▲ Hawkmoth Standard’ Belt £145_

▲ ‘Eyed’ Ranger Belt £185_

▲ ‘Memento Mori’ Belt £185_

▲ ‘Bottle’ Ranger Belt £185_

▲ The ‘Propeller’ Belt £225_

Their products can be purchased from Japan from their online store. You can even leave a note in the order to choose your preferred buckle. The belts arrive inside a special handmade case made with parachute tape and canvas fabric.

▲By the way, you may know that the brand’s name and logo, “Hawkmoth” was made popular after the insect graced the iconic movie poster of The Silence of the Lambs. With a skull-looking pattern on the insect’s back, it is often considered an ominous symbol in many countries, but it is also extremely popular as a tattoo among others as well.

For people who believe that it’s no fun to have the same things as the people around you but still want things that were made with high quality craftsmanship, we highly recommend checking out this exciting new brand.


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