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This year marks the 25th anniversary of Pherrow’s.

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The “USN Buships Watch” has been released as a special commemorative item. Since its release, a rush of orders has been streaming in, and because it is a limited edition model, it looks like it will be sold out in no time. 

We highly recommend placing your order or visiting their stores for anyone interested in this commemorative watch.

The USN Buships seal is carved into the back cover of the watch. It also features a small seconds, which is especially popular in Japan, and a numerical logo design. Making the luminous part of the dial a light orange color further emphasizes its vintage look.

The quartz watch comes with a cowhide leather belt and an olive nylon belt, which all come inside a special hard case with the “Pherrow’s 25th Anniversary” logo engraved on it. Comes with one-year warranty. 37,800 yen (Pherrow’s Tel: 03-5725-9577 www.pherrows.com)

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